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Fast forward to the part where our lips make history. Slow down baby, "eat all your vegetables and maybe you'll get dessert", we've got the rest of our lives to play this little scene. Yes I meant this part where it's R18, but who the fuck cares 'cuase, baby, it's just you and me.

Play. Pause. Play.

Swaying to this beautiful soundtrack to a backdrop of black and white. Giants made of concrete and glass panes with trains in between; backtracking like a broken record skipping grooves. Cut. Cut. CUT! What a horrible take. You color the canvas while I sett the paint. This is...


Like the smell of sex it both feeds and keeps the ache at bay. Baby you're too far away, but Christ the lord, the way to touch me... Touch you... Touch me... That little slide between valleys on streams of perspiration. The soft snow-like smoothness of your skin upon my deft fingers. The feeling lingers.

Play. Skip. Play. Skip.

Fast forward to the part where those lips part... Rewind. Your lips. Deft fingers. Sliding down. Skippnig grooves. Oooooh. Never heard applause. Just every single one of your little breaths holding at every pause synching with the metronome of my... Pounding like a... My heart is pounding on your chest. Sliding down the soft contour of the depths of your soul.

Play. Pause. Rewind.

made 12.28.2011
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December 29, 2011
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